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Great Catalog Design Tips To Make Your Customers Jump With Joy

Hi all,
As promised I am back and this time with something interesting!!

As I browsed through the net I realized that there was not even a single blog that gave tippers on catalog designing!?!??! Weird but true. So, I thought, I would do the net world another favor by adding a catalog design tips and tricks blog…. Enjoy reading another one of my informative blogs… As usual :D

Let us begin from the beginning of catalog designing. In its initial phase, catalogue design commenced as jam-packed, downscale, big books. But the recent years have seen much more avant-garde catalog designing. The unusual combination of colors, graphics and fonts have changed the entire appearance of catalog designs for good.

Back to the basics. Now, let us start discussing a few catalog design tips and tricks as contracted ;)

Tip #1
Remember to include the best photographs of the products you wish to sell. Your client wont be attracted to old and rotten products of yours. Whenever you design catalogs ensure to display your best front to them and they would become your immediate clients. :)

Tip #2
Always ensure that your catalog design has all the colors of your brands logo or is at least in harmony with it. Suppose your brand logo was in white and you choose your catalog designs background to be white as well. Evidently your logo would disappear in the background making all your efforts futile. Design catalogs whilst choosing a suitable color “combi” to make everything on it visible and beautiful.

Tip #3
Your catalog designs must have a perfect romance between your product images and description. Imagine what would a dog house with a doll house description look like… Neah… Right? :D

Tip #4
I am sure you would be the last person to agree if I advised you to create a
catalogue design for your jewelery store with nuts and bolts floating around. It would be a big turn off for your clients won’t it?? Obviously, why have something so mechanical where gorgeous pearls and diamonds can do the job. As I said you won’t take my advise on this.

Yeah, yeah. I know I am the best..Now don’t mention it. ;)

I’ll be back soon!!!! :D


NetBeans: The Current JSF Application Development King

NetBeans is now recognized by most JSF developers is the king for JSF application development. Yes, it’s true. Not only is NetBeans is the original free Java IDE but also provides supports various frameworks and languages like C, C++, JavaScript and the such.

Dedicated towards providing rock solid software products based on the JSF development platform, NetBeans, an open source project addresses all the requirements of JSF developers, users and even businesses which rely on Java NetBeans for development of their products.

Some of the application development platforms that the Netbeans IDE aids in are:

1) C, C++ applications
2) Mobile Application Development
3) Visual development of web applications
4) Profiling
5) Composite Applications and Service Oriented Architecture with BPEL

The most adorable feature of this JSF development tool is that Java NetBeans by Sun Microsystems is open source and both the NetBeans platform and NetBeans IDE are free for non-commercial and commercial use. Introduced in June 2000, the NetBeans JSF application development tools’ source code is available for everyone and can be reused as required if utilized within the terms of use.

NetBeans IDE is so much more than just a a JSF application development IDE. The extension packs of NetBeans proffers an array of additional beneficial features that are simply loved by JSF developers.


Bespoke Website Designing: The English “tailor-made-suit” Web Mantra

Well, it takes my life when people ask “What is bespoke website designing?”. “Oh! Come on I say” to such people. I mean have people actually stopped reading web articles?? Anyways…there is no use lamenting on such trivial matters. So, for the convenience of those who ask me such vague and uninformed questions, here goes the explanation for the last time…

“Bespoke” is the web designing mantra of today. A Bespoke website design is much like the English process of stitching hand made suits that are customized to befit the individual.

Doesn’t the very term bespoke websites have a nice ring to it! I would say, it actually suits the very requirement of a website..just like a website must “be speaking” to you, so does the very name. Now the next question that props up is “What exactly does a custom website design comprise?”

For this query I would rather divide my answer into the following points:

#1 A bespoke website is structured and designed keeping the search engines in mind, so as to ensure that they are picked up in search results.

#2 The bespoke website design is created to enhance ease of use for the site visitor.

#3 A custom website design is essentially designed right from scratch. The designers come up with something totally unique yet fulfilling all the requirements of the client. Bespoke Website…remember! ;)

#4 Bespoke website designing must also be able to fetch higher page ranking for the clients. This is done through Search engine optimized content, design, alt tags and HTML.

#5 Most bespoke websites come along with site statistic monitors that can enable the client to see what kind of hits or exits the new site is receiving.

I hope, I have been able to answer all your queries about bespoke website design. So, don’t be a cookie cutter anymore. Liven up, now you know what bespoke websites are all about, won’t you?! :D


Tips for successful Website Redesigning

Now don’t flip from your seat when I say that you need a website redesign. So, what did you think that simply making a single webdesign would keep digging in profits for you always?!?! Well, obviously, in this constant world of rapid change, website redesigning would be the only way to keep your website updated and pouring in web traffic and prospective clients to your business. You don’t want your website to look old and obsolete?!

Right…So, what do you do? Easy keep changing the design, content and alt tags of your website to keep your website redesign upbeat with the changing perceptions and requirements of your customers.

I would give you tips that would help you in a successful website redesign. Here goes….

1) Envision:
Begin by visualizing the objective behind your website. Define strategic goals that you wish to achieve through your site redesign. You better begin by coming up with quantifiable goals for your web site redesign, so that you know what exactly your outcome must be. Being able to articulate what you want would make your job easier by providing you with a step by step strata of how you should go about your web redesign.

2) Do your homework:
A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) followed by a check on the visitor behavior would give you a head start decide where to begin your website redesigning from. Try and find out as much as you can about your websites’ current state. Take feedback from the users and make changes accordingly. Learn more about your target audience and their current requirements to make your redesign more accurate and up-to-the-mark.

3) Abide by the Webdesign standards:
Take expert advise and they would suggest that once you decide upon tearing down the walls of your website and opting for a complete web site redesign you must make sure that you rebuild a webdesign which is compliant with the website designing standards. From the story board, graphic design to usability upwards, your site redesign must be functional in accordance with the industry norms.

4) Add spice: Well, incontestably you are redesigning your website because it didn’t work the right way for you. Now that you are up for website redesigning why not try something new. Give it a zing by adding a little spice, a blog or forum site for instance would give it a bang on entry, pulling web traffic and profits for you ;)

Go ahead, grab the attention of your prospects with new information and website redesigning, lest they bid adios to your webdesign and move on to your competitors website!!

I’ll be back!! :D


Branding Basics: Create A Magnanimous Logo Design

Your logo design is the virtual handshake that makes a first impression of your business. Trust me, a clammy and wimpy corporate logo design would not make much of a beseeching impact on your clients! If you are thinking about tempting your prospects to do business with you, then you better start off right away on creating a custom logo design that catches more than just the eye.

Let us cut the crap and begin with the branding basics ;) I would give you tippers on how to actualize the best logo design. Here goes….

1) Begin by checking your competition:
It might seem a little sneaky, but the best way to get a horde of customers on your doorstep is to check out what your competitions logo design looks like and reflects. You don’t want your corporate logo design to appear the same as theirs. And of course a better custom logo design than your competitors won’t hurt you :) Having a thorough look at your opponents company logo design would also give you an extra advantage of creating a unique logo design. Let your custom logo design be a box of all that you wish your customers to know about you.

2) Industry Fitting:
Get your priorities straight. If your corporate logo design is not relevant to what your business is all about your prospects would leave your website without a second thought. Imagine having a funky and upbeat logo design for a funeral home or a dull, boring and sleepy logo imagery for a Disc Jockey service provider :D Neither of the logo designs would jive with the business and would make the company logo design absolutely inappropriate. So, always ensure that your corporate logo design befits your industry of work.

3) A Balanced Logo Design:
Well, as obvious as it may sound to you, but always ensure that your custom logo design does not seem as simple as clip art nor too intricate to make your clients squint. It must be unrivaled and be able to stand out from the crowd, but it should also be as easy as ABC to understand.

Now, make a note of this: Your logo design must never go font crazy. It might look pretty to you, but the swirls and curves might be too confusing for your prospective customers.

That’s all folks!! Chiao :D


Pros And Cons Of Adding Forum Websites

Have you recently been struck by the lightening idea of adding a forum site to your existing website?? Well, better late than never, I would say. ;)

Yeah, that’s right! Adding forum websites to increase web traffic is now a norm and much appreciated fact. But, you better get disillusioned.. You ain’t gonna attract members instantly. You would have to have to wait for at least six months for your forum site to jump start into its blooming state. So, you better buckle yourself up for the pros and cons that you would have to face after you add a forum to your website.

Con: Whether you decide upon adding a chat forum, a community forum, a travel forum, a phpbb forum, a fan forum, free forums or general discussion forums, the initial stage would be the most difficult one. You would get hardly any traffic or comments.

Pro: Once you have passed this initial phase, people would become devoted to your forum websites and check out their messages on a regular basis.

Con: Your forum websites might be flooded by spammers on a look out for a forum site to paste their useless content. So, you would always have to be on a look out for such spam messages and members who join your forum only for clouting good-for-nothing communiqué and block them from your forum websites.

Pro: Many of the users would also add propitious content to your discussion forums. Such messages would add spice to your forum an attract traffic as well. That’s an added advantage of course ;)

Con: You might also have a problem regarding the management of the site. Once your forum site gets going, it would take extra time and effort on your part whilst registering people, monitoring messages and moderating topics. It might even end up to be a full time job for you. But, you can overcome this problem by taking the help of volunteers willing to become moderators for your forum websites.

Pro: The more moderators you have, the more expertized your forum discussions would be. Crackjack moderators would take care that the relevant topics are running, making your discussion forums more popular as trust worthy resources for applicable info.

Ok. my list can just go on and on, but all I would say to conclude is that a forum site is like an gargantuan stone ball that’s difficult to get started; but once it gets rolling it can make new ways for you towards success! :)


Secrets of Blogging: How to get massive blog traffic

Hi to all my fans out there…I am back by popular demand, with of course my most favorite topic: tipping you guys about the secrets behind blogging. For starters, I am sure, now that you are reading my blog, you are indeed looking for blogging tips that would help you chaperon blog traffic to your blog directory..Aren’t you?? ;)

Ok, Ok. Let’s not beat around the bush ‘coz now is the time when I would bestow my insightful blog blogging secrets only for you…Read away :)

First and foremost thing after you create a blog is to take serious interest in your creation. Yes, you just can’t expect people to discover your island of thoughts, just like that, do you?? As a blogger, it is the initiative which you take that is going to pour in the blog traffic you desire.

Try to capture a suitable, keyword rich domain name for your weblog. This would give easy acceptability to your blogs. The keyword friendly name of your blog directory would also help the blog traffic to remember your blog name, forward them as relevant content and find them for future reference as well. The correct domain name might even commandeer hitters to bookmark or ping it as the best blog or ultimate info guide!!

Bloggers don’t refrain from commenting anywhere do they?? And what could be better than giving your feedback on other weblogs whilst navigating the blog traffic back to your blogging directory. However, before you set about commenting on other peoples’ blogs first create a blog that would act as a base for the relevant blog you are back talking upon. Become a seasoned commenter by giving the correct buzzes and blogging the right versions of information and the blog traffic would navigate directly to your blogs blindfolded!!

Oof!! Giving you blogging tips is surely a hard job.. ;)
Enough for today then folks! Keep blog blogging.
I’ll be back… :D




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