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PowerPoint Presentation Tips- Series: #2

Ok!! I am Back ;)

Let’s continue from where I left. Read on….

Tip #4
Distance Matters:

Imagine, how would you feel if you were sitting in the last row of the presentation hall, and the one making the Powerpoint presentation has chosen the font size 10 for his presentation slides? Funny right. It would almost seem like he is making the powerpoint presentation for himself, won’t it? Therefore, make a note that whether you are designing a business powerpoint presentation or even a ppt presentation to be given in your class, you would only be able to deliver an effective powerpoint presentation if your font size is readable for all.

Tip #5
PPT Presentations are not Eye Tests:
Yes! This ones obvious. You are up there to make powerpoint presentation and not punish the eyes of your audience with blaring colors that pinch the eyes. As far as possible avoid severly bright or harsh colors I your powerpoint presentation slides. Except for what is minimally required don’t use dark or pastel background colors. If the room is going to be dark, then your powerpoint presentation ppt might not even be visible because of the dark color selection.

Tip #6
Add Pictures:

Adding visually appealing pictures, animations or images can actually help you establish your point better than words in your ppt presentation. Of course, make sure to use relevant images that can convey your message and assist you in making an effective powerpoint presentation.

That’ll be all for today. I’ll be back.. ;)


PowerPoint Presentation Tips- Series: #1

I am not one of the lame bloggers who beat around the bush…Lets get straight to the point. I am going to help you improve your PowerPoint Presentations through effective tips that actually work. Here are the first set of PowerPoint Presentation tips. Read on…..

Tip #1

If you indeed wish to make an effective powerpoint presentation then you must learn how get rid of all the extraneous text. Don’t make your graphs too complex by adding in a few more lines just because you think your powerpoint presentation would look more beautiful with a few added colors. No sir..this ain’t gonna work!! :)

Tip #2
Remember, you are not there on the podium with a stick to torture the audience with powerpoint presentation slides. Whether you have been given the opportunity to make a business powerpoint presentation or are simply teaching a bunch of students through a ppt presentation you must never allow yourself to ramble on and on…. Cut your speech short and make it to the point. If you forget something just cut it out. ;)

Tip #3
This is the guru mantra to make powerpoint presentation more effectual. Minimalism must be the essence of your powerpoint presentation ppt. Don’t torment your listeners with long, not required detailed information. Please please please give out separate hand outs if your reeeeaally feel that there is a need of detailing over the subject. Give your powerpoint presentation audience a break and spare them the crucification. :D

Follow these first few powerpoint presentation guidelines and see the difference. Trust me, the next time you make a powerpoint presentation your audience will be thankful to you for not torturing them. :D

I’ll be back….. ;)




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