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How To Make Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Believe it or not, PowerPoint presentations and all the whistles and bells that come along with them are being used more than ever in the business scenarios and other presentation venues. I just attended a conference where almost every other person considered themselves to be a pro at designing PowerPoint presentation slides. Trust me, their over confidence only resulted in their PPT files to become unprofessional in looks and overloaded with information. Ughhhh… :(

I could barely stand their ugly looking and ill structured PowerPoint presentation slides and kept murmuring to myself “Doesn’t anyone know how to make a PowerPoint presentation that is worthy of being considered as a business PPT?”

When it was turn for me to speak, I decided it was high time that I told those bozos how to make effective PowerPoint presentations that would attract the audience towards discussions and not die with boredom!!!! :D

So…I gave out my SIX tips for making good PowerPoint presentations. Have a look:

Tip 1: Use Meaningful Titles of max 6 words.

Tip 2: No more than 6 bullets per slide.

Tip 3: No more than 6 rows of data/data points in a table or graph.

Tip 4: Make only 6 slides, giving 5 minutes for discussion on each, or 12 slides with2-3 mins for discussion (30 minutes in total).

Tip 5: Use Animations and graphics sparingly. Don’t cluster your PPT format with an overload of images. Try replacing your text with images to gain interest.

Tip 6: Less is always more. Lesser words on the PowerPoint presentation slides mean better illumination on key points.

Well, it took me hardly 30 minutes myself to explain it to my audience, but I guess, I made the lot understand the way to make a PowerPoint presentation that is actually POWERFULL!!!! ;)




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