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The Beauty Of Static Websites

Yes, even though, static websites are considered to be an old form of website designing, they still look elegant and beautiful. There are a number of advantages attached to static websites that allow them to be a favorite of the corporate world. If you have an urgent need of a website to be created, a static website would be the most favorable choice. Why? I’ll tell you…. Read on..

For starters, static websites are easier to create. Not only would this serve your urgency purpose but would also ease the designer in creating a quick layout for you. Secondly, a number of static website design templates are available for free of charge on the Internet. So, all you would have to do is to pick up any of the static website templates and replace your content with the demo one. Voila you are all set to give a demonstrative website presentation.

Static websites also have an excellent SEO potential. This is because, static websites are picked up by web crawlers faster than dynamic websites. Web crawlers identify keyword rich content faster on static websites in comparison to dynamic websites. This is one of the benefits that pays in both the short and the long run. That is why, you would see that most of the top ten results displayed in Search Engines are that of static websites.

So, have you made your mind yet. I would suggest static website design any day, if you are looking for something created in a jiffy. Go ahead. Make a wiser decision.




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