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Flash Intros that can become the lifeline of a Website

The truth is that your website must be a personal reflection of you as well as your business that you’ve worked so very hard to create. So, why would you have to settle for a basic, plain static website home page for your old and potential new customers to see?

I for one really enjoy visiting sites that have a Flash Intro Design. A movie in Flash that gives an introduction of the services being offered removes the antiquated impact of a website and grab the immediate attention of visitors. What I feel is that not only do they liven the environment but also give a high spirited feel to the visitor.

Trust me, having the same boring site for years might just result in boring your old customers whilst driving away your potential customers!!! This is where a Flash intro at the beginning of your website will keep your customers coming back for more!

As soon as the Flash and its animating characteristics of a website come into play on a site, the graphics and images instantly prove to give an aesthetic impression and keep site hitters like me and you dazzled enough to keep coming back. Have a look at the Mercedes site and you would know!!!




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