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Great Catalog Design Tips To Make Your Customers Jump With Joy

Hi all,
As promised I am back and this time with something interesting!!

As I browsed through the net I realized that there was not even a single blog that gave tippers on catalog designing!?!??! Weird but true. So, I thought, I would do the net world another favor by adding a catalog design tips and tricks blog…. Enjoy reading another one of my informative blogs… As usual :D

Let us begin from the beginning of catalog designing. In its initial phase, catalogue design commenced as jam-packed, downscale, big books. But the recent years have seen much more avant-garde catalog designing. The unusual combination of colors, graphics and fonts have changed the entire appearance of catalog designs for good.

Back to the basics. Now, let us start discussing a few catalog design tips and tricks as contracted ;)

Tip #1
Remember to include the best photographs of the products you wish to sell. Your client wont be attracted to old and rotten products of yours. Whenever you design catalogs ensure to display your best front to them and they would become your immediate clients. :)

Tip #2
Always ensure that your catalog design has all the colors of your brands logo or is at least in harmony with it. Suppose your brand logo was in white and you choose your catalog designs background to be white as well. Evidently your logo would disappear in the background making all your efforts futile. Design catalogs whilst choosing a suitable color “combi” to make everything on it visible and beautiful.

Tip #3
Your catalog designs must have a perfect romance between your product images and description. Imagine what would a dog house with a doll house description look like… Neah… Right? :D

Tip #4
I am sure you would be the last person to agree if I advised you to create a
catalogue design for your jewelery store with nuts and bolts floating around. It would be a big turn off for your clients won’t it?? Obviously, why have something so mechanical where gorgeous pearls and diamonds can do the job. As I said you won’t take my advise on this.

Yeah, yeah. I know I am the best..Now don’t mention it. ;)

I’ll be back soon!!!! :D




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