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NetBeans: The Current JSF Application Development King

NetBeans is now recognized by most JSF developers is the king for JSF application development. Yes, it’s true. Not only is NetBeans is the original free Java IDE but also provides supports various frameworks and languages like C, C++, JavaScript and the such.

Dedicated towards providing rock solid software products based on the JSF development platform, NetBeans, an open source project addresses all the requirements of JSF developers, users and even businesses which rely on Java NetBeans for development of their products.

Some of the application development platforms that the Netbeans IDE aids in are:

1) C, C++ applications
2) Mobile Application Development
3) Visual development of web applications
4) Profiling
5) Composite Applications and Service Oriented Architecture with BPEL

The most adorable feature of this JSF development tool is that Java NetBeans by Sun Microsystems is open source and both the NetBeans platform and NetBeans IDE are free for non-commercial and commercial use. Introduced in June 2000, the NetBeans JSF application development tools’ source code is available for everyone and can be reused as required if utilized within the terms of use.

NetBeans IDE is so much more than just a a JSF application development IDE. The extension packs of NetBeans proffers an array of additional beneficial features that are simply loved by JSF developers.




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