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What is Online Reputation Management


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With an easy access to post views online through forums, blogs and web 2.0 platforms, it has become essential for corporates to perform best practices management to stay away from situations such as “Dell Hell” or get googlebombed with "Miserable failure".


One negative write-up, whether a blog or a small comment posted somewhere, which comes on the first page of search engines like Google can be a bane for your online business. To save your corporate reputation and avoid such conditions you need to take the aid of reputation management tools such as Online Reputation Management.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management comprises of ORM tools that act as an antidote to negative online publicity. Online Reputation Management is exactly what it sounds like: it manages the online reputation. The ORM tool is used as an imperative through which positive content is published on the Web, so that your online consumers, employees, business partners, and the entire world come to know of your company as a great success and reliable.


3 most essential ORM tools

Referred to as the slices of the ORM pie there are 3 most essential ORM tools that make up online reputation management as a service or strategy. They are:

  • Monitoring
  • Repair
  • Management


The name itself sums up the entire process undertaken in this ORM tool. The steps involved in this reputation management slice include online brand monitoring, monitoring of meta tags such as keywords, key phrases and descriptions as well as posts made for/against your corporate identity or products and services.



The repairing slice of online reputation includes the process that must be undergone to understand why people write negative or offensive comments for your online business. It also includes the way in which you must deal professionally with such people. It is advisable that you don't offend or threaten people. Doing it the ORM way by owning search results proactively would help you get rid of such posts altogether.


This last slice of Online Reputation Management is the shell which holds everything together. It covers the strategies that must be used to monitor your brand and help retain its position. This is one of the ORM tools that would provide you with an understanding of how you must deal with online issues and maintain multiple conversation channels to keep your brand identity in place. This is the key function which would keep your online business and brand in a positive light.


Even though, you might not be able to obliterate the negative results completely from your online searches, but one thing is for sure, using these Online Reputation Management measures would definitely make an impact on your search engine results. Such ORM techniques would assist you in bringing the positive and relevant info about your services or products appear on the first two pages of search engines.


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