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Benefits of advertising through Print media


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Regardless of economic times and growth of Internet, it is believed that advertising through print media brings a definite competitive advantage.


The bottom line leaves nothing to imagination. Let’s say a company chooses not to communicate with customers when it enters the market. The result is that the prospective buyer will not even consider what that company offers. This is a fundamental truth in print media advertising.



As print media comprises of newspapers and magazines, let’s cover each of the segments.


Newspaper Advertising Overview


Paid-circulation newspapers have been a popular advertising medium for many years. Most local businesses use newspapers to advertise their goods and services, so do the big industrial giants. That is why almost every community is known to have its own newspaper. Most ads are cheap and low cost.


The downside is that there are over 1,600 paid-circulation daily newspapers in the U.S. In addition, there are thousands of additional local weekly papers.


That is why magazine advertising has more scope. Let’s discuss that next.


Magazine Advertising Overview


There are about 160,000 magazines published in the world. The large number of these magazines is somewhat misleading as it does not bring that many revenues. However, there is still a great deal of respect and demand for this traditional form of media advertising.


For the advertiser, there are many great advantages of print media advertising. The main fact is that they can target a specific audience. This is in spite of the fact that magazines have lesser coverage as compared to national newspapers.


Advantages of print media advertising:


Specific Target Audience:

In print media, the advantage of catering to specific target audience opens up countless opportunities to enhance sales figures. A fashion magazine would highlight cosmetic products and fashion accessories. At the same time, a sports magazine would display sports related ads to cater to its readers. There is no wastage of resources as ads get to reach the target audience.


Loyal Readerships:

In the print media industry, readership is mostly longstanding and loyal.


Special Ad Positioning:

A major advantage in magazine advertising is that an advertiser can request special ad positioning. This means you can ask that your ad is placed in a specific page or within a column article. This will bring greater visibility to the brand. This is also commercially more effective as potential buyers would notice it. It is a different matter if you don’t want to specify where your ad should appear.



Over a period of years, magazines create a vast pool of loyal readers who feel safe in its very credible environment. The interactive element may be less when you compare it with the aggressive online advertising. But the key factor is credibility that print media continues to reign over. It explains why magazines are known as potential promotional vehicles. It adds improved quality branding that adds great value to your range of products.


Long Life Span:

Compared to websites or national newspapers, magazines enjoy the longest life span. There are some magazines that are treasured across decades like valuable references. The National Geographic is such an example as its content is never redundant.


High Reach Prospective:

Another advantage is that magazines have a high reach prospective. This is because magazines get passed from family to friends to customers to colleagues and so on.


Glossy Ads:
Unlike newspaper advertising, magazine advertising gives great scope to glossy ads. These are usually trend setting and eye catching. The best thing is that every body loves to look again and again at glossy ads. So maximum visibility is again reiterated through magazine advertising.


That is why it is stated often that consistent advertising ensures a cumulative effect. The more familiar buyers are with a brand, the more likely they would buy it. That is why print media advertising will never be out of fashion.


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